Experts and Advisors

Yang Zhi(杨志)

Professor of Economics at Renmin University of China. Sub-dean of RUC International College (Suzhou Research Institute).  Director of the Renmin University Research Center for China Risk Capital & Network Economy, expert member of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC Marxist Theory Programme, standing director and vice secretary general of China Capital Research Society, vice-chairman of National Comprehensive

University Capital Research Society, deputy director of China Optimization Society of Capital Construction Academic Committee, vice-chairman of Education Professional Committee, Ecological Society of China, director of China Market Economy Association, part-time professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, and director of the Climate Change & Ecological Economy Research Center at the Beijing Institute of Technology.

Research Interests:capital theory, network economy, circular economy, low-carbon economy and carbon market, and she is a pioneer in the field of circular economy in China.


Zhao Yanyun (赵彦云)

Dean of the School of Statistics, Renmin University of China, professor, PhD supervisor. Director of the Research Center of Competitiveness and Evaluation at Renmin University of China. Vice-chairman of the Chinese National Society of Statistics. Vice-chairman of the Chinese National Accounting Society.  Member of

the Advisory Board of the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics.

Research Interests: international competitive forces, national economic accounting,

macro-economic analysis, input-output analysis.


Guido Ferrari吉多·法拉利

Director of the Academic Committee of Statistics at the University of Florence. Famous professor for finance and statistics. Member of the Italian Association of Statistics, the International Society of Survey Statisticians, the International Research Council of Income and Wealth, the International Institute of Statistics. Expert of China's State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (1988), Consultant of the National Bureau of Statistic Consultants (1992-1995). Research expert at the Institute of Finance and Trade Economics, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Research expert at the School of Statistics, at Renmin University of China (1995 till now).


Kajal Lahiri(卡加尔·拉赫瑞)

Distinguished Professor of Economics, and Health Policy, Management and Behavior University at Albany, State University of New York

Research Interests: Econometrics, Forecasting, and  Economics of Health. Supported by National Science Fundation, the World Bank, NY State Division of Budget, International Monetary Fund, Social Security Administration, US Department of Transportation, and the National Institutes of Health.


Zhou Ke (周珂)

Professor at the Law School of Renmin University of China, PhD supervisor.

Head of the Renmin University Institute of Environmental and Natural Resource Law,

Vice-chairman of the Chinese Institute of Environmental and Natural Resource Law. Director of the Beijing Institute of Environmental and Natural Resource Law. Member of Beijing Economic Law Research Center.

Research Interests: environmental law, civil law, economic law, real estate law, land law.


Yu Tongshen (于同申)

Professor at the Renmin University School of Economics, PhD supervisor. Director of the International Exchange Center of the Renmin University School of Economics.  Visiting Scholar at the Forbes Knight Foundation, Columbia University.

Research Interests: development economics, network economics, the international currency and financial system, financial development and financial security in developing countries.


Cheng Huiqiang  (程会强)

Executive Vice Director and researcher at the Institute of Circular Economy at Beijing University of Technology; Member of Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association; Deputy Secretary-General of Economic Education Commission, Director of Industrial Eco-Economy and Technology Commission at the Chinese Association of Ecological Economy; Member of China Association of Plant Engineering.

Research Interests: circular economy; ecological economy.


Sun Jiuwen (久文)

Head of Institute of Regional & Urban Economics, Renmin University of China, Professor and Doctorial Supervisor; Secretary-General of National Economic Geography Society; Director of China Regional Science Association and Research Society for Administrative Division of Beijing; Consultant of Information Center for Social Sciences of Renmin University of China.

Research Interests: theory of economics; urban & rural planning, development in

backward areas; regional sustainable development.


Li Jianjian (李建建) 

Dean of the School of Economics, Fujian Normal University, Professor, PhD

supervisor. Member of the National Research Group of the History of Marxist

Economic Thought Marxist, vice-secretary of the Economic Academy of Fujian


Research Interests: Marx’s Kapital and socialist market economy, history of

economic thought, etc.


Wang Yan ()

Professor of School of Economics & Management at Inner Mongolia University;

Vice Chairman of Inner Mongolia Market Economics Society; Director of China

Research Society of “Capital”; Director of China Research Society of “Capital” in

Comprehensive Universities; Director of China Research Society of Foreign

Economic Theories; Director of Economic Education Commission, China

Association of Ecological Economy; Member of the People’s Bank of China

Advisory Specialist Group (Hohehote branch).

Research Interests: marxist economics; macro-economics; theory & practice of sustainable development


Liu Zheng ()

Vice Dean & Professor of School of Social Science at Shanghai University; Director of the China Research Society of Marx’s “Capital”; Member of the Global Association of Political Economy; Researcher of Institute of Economy at Shanghai Finance University.

Research Interests: theory and practice of socialist economy; issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers; development of small-sized towns; studies on scientific outlook of development.


Guo Zhixin  (郭志新)

Professor, PhD supervisor, Department head of the Renmin University Chemistry Department. Listed Scientist on the "Hundred Talents Program "of the CAS (Chinese Academy of Science).

Research Interests: physics and chemistry of fullerences and carbon nanotubes. research on synthesis of functionized organic and polymer as well as its optical, electrical and magnetic properties. Research on synthesis of fine organic chemicals. 


Lin Jun()

 Professor, PhD supervisor of the Chemistry Department, at Renmin University of China. Post-doctor of Clernson University, USA and CUHK(Chinese University of Hong Kong). Program manager of innovation department.

Research Interests: basic theory and practice of photo catalytic materials; Heterogeneous catalytic oxidation technique on wastewater and air pollution treatment; the synthesis and characterization of various organic-inorganic nanocomposite materials and catalysts.


Wei Baoren (韦保仁)

Professor of the Environmental Engineering School, USTS(University of Science and Technology, Suzhou). Researcher at Chalmers University, USA.  Researcher of WBLUEP. ( World Bank Loans to Urban Environmental Projects)

Research Interests: research on reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, LCA(Life Cycle Assessment) and circular economy, etc.


Liu Danping (刘丹萍):

Economics Professor at CUEB( Capital University of Economics and Business), Master Instructor. Independent Director of CNCPIE (China National Complete Plant Import & Export CO. LTD.), JYMEP (Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment & Supply CO., LTD.), JFT (Jiangsu Focus Technology Co., LTD) and JWT ( Jiangsu Wiscom Technology Co.,LTD).

Research Interests:  research on stock market, corporate governance, and Marxist economic theory.


Dai Tiejun (戴铁军)

Professor, Director and Master Instructor at the Institute of Circular Economy, Beijing University of Technology. Distinguished expert at Beijing Energy Saving and Circular Economy Center. Member of ACEF(All-China Environment Federation)

Research Interests: studies and evaluation of eco-industries; resource conservation and recycling.


Wang Wen (王汶)

Vice-professor at the School of Environment, Renmin University of China. Department head of Environmental Science School. Member of GEOSS(Global Earth Observation System of Systems) (Chinese Expert Group) , CEOS(Committee on Earth Observation Satellites) (Chinese Expert Group) and GEOSS Water Cycle theme (Chinese Expert Group)

Research Interests: land cover and use; environmental management and evaluation.


Men Shulian (门淑莲)

Vice-professor at the School of Economics, Renmin University of China. Researcher of CSINAR(Center for Studies of Integration in northeast Asian region).

Research Interests: international trade, international finance, studies of futures and options investment.


Huang Can (黄灿)

Researcher at the Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (MERIT) at the United Nations University, the Netherlands.

PhD in Industrial Management, Aveiro University. Visiting research fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Public Policy. Master of Engineering, Renmin university of China. Bachelor of Economics.

Research Interests: the innovation System and industrial competitiveness of China in a the global context; studies of the science and technology policies of developing countries.







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